It’s OK to be Clever and into Clothes!


Well, the Prime Minister does it, and so can the rest of us! Kitten heels, animal prints and zingy yellow may not be your thing, but you can pull off a good work look that’s fashionable, distinctive and smart. We’re not talking tight tops and tiny skirts but it’s good to challenge the old ‘women in men’s clothes’ stereotype by dressing with flair; maybe a vibrant colour, a piece of unusual jewellery, or an up to the minute neckline or bag.

When I was in my twenties, I was keen to be taken seriously; I cut off my long hair, eschewed make up and donned sober navy suits at every opportunity. I soon realised that I was more comfortable and confident bringing more of myself to the way I looked and soon ditched the plain puritanical approach to my work wear. I have enjoyed putting together an individual wardrobe for work as well as play ever since. Remember – keep it appropriate to the situation, play with fashion and be yourself.

The myth that competent women don’t and shouldn’t dabble in fashion needs laying to rest once and for all!

Gillian Morley is a Partner in Attain Development who have a passion for increasing the number of women in Board and Senior Management positions.

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