Are you ready to be the next CEO of GSK?


Emma Walmsley has just been appointed as the new CEO of GSK. How ready are you to take the next leap forward in your career? Conducting an honest self-appraisal now means that you will be more likely to achieve your future career goals. One of the biggest de-railers for women is confidence – or lack of it! Even Emma Walmsley will have her moments when she feels less confident but you can bet your bottom dollar no-one around her will be able to tell.

So to build your own confidence – here are some tips;

  • Know what you want and what’s really important to you
  • Develop a calm and focussed approach when tackling challenging situations and people
  • Have the ability to be optimistic and positive (not blindly so!)
  • Acknowledge what you are good at and continue to develop this
  • Be flexible and adapt your behaviour according to circumstance

Be kind to yourself and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day – give yourself time and space to improve. Take small, manageable steps and leave the giant leaps for mankind to astronauts!

Gillian Morley is a Partner in Attain Development who have a passion for increasing the number of women in Board and Senior Management positions.

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