Reflections on a Landmark Birthday



I’ve just celebrated a landmark birthday. I’m not going to tell you which one but it should be fairly obvious from my LinkedIn profile. Initially I wasn’t looking forward to it but I’ve been on the classic emotional cycle of change journey from denial through to acceptance and, in the end, have had a fantastic few weeks celebrating with family and friends at a series of enjoyable events.

Reaching a landmark has made me look back on my life with its ups and downs, achievements and challenges and I have three reflections I’d like to share.

  • Life isn’t a rehearsal; whether it’s in your personal or business life make the most of the time you have and don’t put artificial barriers in your way to achieving your potential
  • People are, by and large, decent, honest and hardworking; it seems like a big, bad world at the moment with increasing division and enmity. Let’s try and think the best of everyone we meet and try to avoid being caught up in the cynicism of modern life
  • Give and you’ll get something back; whether it’s connecting business networking contacts, volunteering or raising money for charity, I’ve found that what goes around really does come around, often in the least expected way, so don’t hold back on sharing

Some of you might think my post a little self-indulgent, but hey, if I can’t reflect on the occasion of a landmark birthday, when can I?

Oliver Colling is a Partner at Morley Colling Associates.

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