Why are we all so angry?


Am I alone in worrying about how angry everyone seems to be? Whether it’s railing for or against Brexit, Donald Trump or arguing who got to a parking space first, I see anger and intolerance in all kinds of places.

Perhaps the ubiquity of social media makes it seem important that we all have a view, whatever that view might be, but why are so many of us seemingly unable to engage in reasoned argument or moderate our views based on arguments made by others? Simple logic dictates that we all can’t be right about absolutely everything all the time.

Can we collectively take a deep breath, slowly exhale and stop being so angry and intolerant? It’s great to be passionate, engaged and true to your beliefs but that doesn’t mean anyone who doesn’t share your view should be subject to vitriolic abuse.

If we were all a little more tolerant I’m sure we’d all get along much better.

Oliver Colling is a Partner at Morley Colling Associates.

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