A Little Certainty is All We Need (and a bit of confidence too!)


This year has been marked by economic and political uncertainty. In the UK we have been working our way through the implications and practical application of Brexit, whatever form that will eventually take, and across the world there has been widespread uncertainty about the future.

Business has always proved to be highly flexible and adaptable and will make the best of any circumstances but the level of uncertainty about the future has stifled innovation and made some businesses more cautious. History tells us that one of the biggest risks an organisation can take is to do nothing and I think some organisations are putting themselves in danger by holding back on their plans.

I have two requests; that politicians on all sides aim to give business as much certainty about the future as they can as quickly as they can and that businesses have the confidence to press on with their plans. A little more certainty and a bit more confidence will transform our future.

Oliver Colling is a Partner at Morley Colling Associates.

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