Time to Spring Clean Your Team?

Spring is well and truly here and Summer is almost upon us. Is it time for you to give your team a spring clean? We can help you – whether it’s some time out to help you bond as a team, individual development requirements or maybe you feel like you need a reboot yourself, then Read more about Time to Spring Clean Your Team?[…]

New Website for Coach for my Life

Exciting news – our new website for our sister business, Coach for my Life, is now live! We’ve taken some time to present our coaching offering in a more accessible, easy to understand way and we’ve included some great videos on How Coaching Works, introductions to our coaches Gillian and Oliver and some feedback from Read more about New Website for Coach for my Life[…]

A Little Certainty is All We Need (and a bit of confidence too!)

  This year has been marked by economic and political uncertainty. In the UK we have been working our way through the implications and practical application of Brexit, whatever form that will eventually take, and across the world there has been widespread uncertainty about the future. Business has always proved to be highly flexible and Read more about A Little Certainty is All We Need (and a bit of confidence too!)[…]

Too close for comfort? – When shared culture becomes Groupthink

  When does a strong shared culture spill over into groupthink? It’s a tricky one. Every organisation wants its staff and senior team aligned, committed to achieving common goals and feeling good about their business. Sometimes though, the common ways of thinking and behaving, the confidence in belonging, in knowing what’s right, can tip over into Read more about Too close for comfort? – When shared culture becomes Groupthink[…]

Reflections on a Landmark Birthday

    I’ve just celebrated a landmark birthday. I’m not going to tell you which one but it should be fairly obvious from my LinkedIn profile. Initially I wasn’t looking forward to it but I’ve been on the classic emotional cycle of change journey from denial through to acceptance and, in the end, have had Read more about Reflections on a Landmark Birthday[…]

“Tell it like it is” the key to good feedback?

  What’s the best way to let your colleagues and staff know how they’re doing and find out how you’re doing yourself? The notion of “radical candour” has been mentioned often in the media since the New Year: some say “tell it like it is” with no ambiguity or couching what you say to someone Read more about “Tell it like it is” the key to good feedback?[…]